The code and the source are distributed in the GNU GPL 3.0 (GPLv3), you need to use this license if you want to make changes to this version of the system. Windows 8.1 (Win8r7) is not supported. You must be running Windows 8.1.1. This applies only to your operating system.

Inclusion Requirements

This vulnerability does not appear in the source code. However, it can be easily detected by inspecting the Microsoft Update log. The current list of supported versions of Windows can be downloaded from from the Microsoft Information Center ( We would be interested in working with the vendor to update the current list as we do not want to cause any new vulnerabilities.


We appreciate the work of others who tested the exploit. We are pleased that the vulnerability was patched as it is very easy for many people to use the bug. We cannot guarantee that there will not be new vulnerabilities.

Linda J. Lefkowitz

Project C: Windows Security Incident Response Team, C.C.C.T


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Update 12.10.2016:

Now, it appears Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 Store app for your mobile phone. Please report any bugs you encounter here.

(It’s not a real app, I’m a programmer and it is not Windows 10 to me.)

Update 12.09.2016:Update, now, it appears we’ve managed to locate a bug that is on the mobile platform. In case you’re curious, it’s located in the code generated by Xposed. Now, check our post to find out how it all works.

New build status (11.25.2017):

Updated in-built version (11.24.2017):
Some bug fixes (11.23.2017):

Updated update (11.21.2017):

Updated in-built version (11.20.2017):

Version 11.15.2016 update 2.15.16:

Version 11.15.2016 update 2.15.16 now (14.05.2016).

New build status (9.18.2016):

Updated in-built version (9.18.2016):

Version 9.17.2015 upgrade (8.17.2015):

Version 9.17.2015 upgrade