Agriculture Products

Agriculture Products
Agriculture Products

All plants in this list are grown according to the highest recommended rates of yield. This methodology is used by all countries to provide accurate figures for both production and sale.

Source: USDA

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In the traditional industry, crops generally feed the community. That is their primary source of food, and they use a variety of methods to meet a variety of needs within their farms. There are several major agri-businesses in central and central America which produce the majority of their crops and many of the largest varieties of food. They supply all industries and have in common that they are all organic and free from contamination.

All over the world, grain suppliers produce a wide variety of crops and products and they operate in three major production companies: Harvesters, Grain Manufacturers, and Other Agricultural Companies.


Harvests (including harvests associated with traditional crops such as potato or rice) are an integral part of the agricultural economy of the central African nation of South Africa. The total harvest value is 3.5 hectares and in the country, the farmers spend